UV Curable Glob Top and Dam-and-Fill Encapsulants

Encapsulate wirebonded IC’s

Zymet's glob top and dam-and-fill encapsulants are UV curable, yet they have properties similar to conventional heat cured encapsulants, high Tg’s and low CTE’s. With UV cure, curing is performed quickly, inline, at low temperatures, permitting the use of low cost substrates that cannot tolerate exposure to high temperatures. Applications include RFD and smartcard assembly, and coating of LCD driver IC's.

The encapsulants offer the following features:

  • Fast curing, in 10-30 seconds
  • Low temperature curing, 80ºC or below
  • Tg as high as 145ºC
  • CTE as low as 18ppm/ºC
  • Excellent adhesion to organic substrates, including polyimide
  • Low ionic contamination
  • Long room temperature stability

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