Electrically Conductive Adhesives

Die attach and general electronics assembly

Die Attach Adhesives

Zymet's electrically conductive die attach adhesives for semiconductor package assembly, hybrid IC assembly, COB IC assembly, and smartcard IC assembly. The adhesives are syringe dispensable pastes.

Features of Zymet's die attach adhesives include:

  • Low volume resistivity
  • Low in ionic contamination
  • Tailored viscosity and rheology to facilitate use with high speed automated dispensing equipment
  • Snap curing in less than 60 seconds, or longer conventional oven curing

General Purpose Adhesives

Zymet’s general purpose electrically conductive adhesives are used for component attach, wire attach, and printed circuit assembly repair. The products are available as one-component versions, with excellent shelf stability and pot life, and as two-component versions capable of curing at room temperature. They range from being soft pastes that are easily dispensed to viscous pastes with high green strength.