Ultra-low Stress Die Attach Adhesives

Bond Stress Sensitive Devices

In microelectronics assembly, adhesives are most often used to bond dissimilar materials with mismatched coefficients of thermal expansion. As a consequence, the bonded parts bend at temperatures above and below the adhesive curing temperature, resulting in stress on the active device. Zymet’s Ultra-Low Stress Adhesives, by absorbing the bending stress, are uniquely suited for bonding of stress sensitive devices such as piezoelectric and micro-machined sensors, CCD image sensors, and integrated optoelectronic devices.

A test was performed to compare the performance of a conventional die attach adhesive with an Ultra-Low Stress Adhesive. A 250 x 250 mil silicon die was bonded to a copper leadframe. Both adhesives were cured at 150ºC. Die curvature was measured at room temperature. The conventional adhesive yielded a radius of curvature of 1000 mm. The Ultra-Low Stress Adhesive yielded a radius of curvature of 100,000 mm.

Features include:

  • Thermal stability to 250ºC
  • Low ionic contamination
  • Thermal conductivity (read more>>) or anisotropic conductivity Read more >>
Bending stress with conventional die attach adhesives.
Bending stress with Ultra-low Stress Adhesive

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