Reworkable Edgebond Adhesives

For Ruggedization and Enhanced Thermal Cycle Performance

Edgebond adhesives, sometimes referred to as Corner Glues or Cornerbond Adhesives, are an excellent alternative to board-level underfill encapsulants. Process cost savings are achieved by the elimination of a capillary flow step. And, rework is far easier and quicker because the adhesive only needs to be removed from the edges of a component. Zymet's edgebond adhesives are designed to both ruggedize electronics and enhance their thermal cycle performance.

Reworkable process

Higher Tg, lower CTE versions are available that provide superior thermal cycle performance.


  • Ruggedization of electronics
  • Enhancement of thermal cycle performance
  • Curing in as little as 1 minute
  • Moderate temperature cure
  • Long pot life
  • Excellent adhesion to rigid boards and flexible circuitry

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